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General conditions

General Conditions for Musea Sculpta

These General Conditions govern the purchase of admission tickets and the visit of visitors to Musea Sculpta. By purchasing tickets and/or entering Musea Sculpta, all visitors are considered to have read and accepted these General Conditions. The General Conditions may be modified by Musea Sculpta at any time, and the latest version is always available on the Musea Sculpta website.

Visitors enter Musea Sculpta at their own risk. The exhibits may not be suitable for people with claustrophobia or a fear of the dark. Musea Sculpta is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings during the visit. Additionally, Musea Sculpta is not liable for any physical injuries.

Visitors must familiarize themselves with the current Musea Sculpta Visitor Regulations as displayed on the Musea Sculpta website at the time of the visit, and are considered to have agreed to these regulations. Our staff are authorized to remove visitors who do not comply with the visitor and access conditions, or who threaten to disrupt the peace, from Musea Sculpta. In such cases, visitors have no right to compensation. Visitors must always follow the instructions and comply with the requests of Musea Sculpta employees.

Musea Sculpta reserves the right to temporarily close the attraction without prior notice for technical, operational, or other reasons. In such circumstances, no refunds will be given. If a visitor has provided correct and complete contact information, Musea Sculpta will do its best to inform the visitor of any unexpected closures, although this cannot be guaranteed.


Tickets can be purchased at the Musea Sculpta Ticket Office. Visitors can choose from the following languages when booking on the website: Dutch, French, and English.

For schools and groups, the reserved time slot’s time or duration may be changed for technical reasons. Musea Sculpta cannot be held liable for any resulting damages or costs to the visitor.

If visitors arrive late for the reserved time slot, they will not receive a refund of the admission fee or any other form of compensation. For this reason, we request that (school) groups be present no later than 5 minutes before the start of the reserved time slot.

Promotions and/or discounts do not apply to this ticket or online tickets unless explicitly stated in the promotional or competition terms and conditions. Tickets will not be replaced in the event of theft, and no compensation will be given in such cases. Any tickets that cannot be scanned to obtain access to Musea Sculpta will be considered invalid. Visitors are responsible for printing their online tickets legibly. A ticket provides access to Musea Sculpta only once; copying or printing a ticket multiple times is not valid. Changing to a new time slot is considered a new booking. The management reserves the right to change admission prices for Musea Sculpta at any time. The display of prices on the internet or through any other means is not binding.


Musea Sculpta reserves the right to modify or cancel bookings, including confirmed ones, to correct errors or cancel bookings as needed. If significant changes or cancellations are necessary, we will make every effort to inform you promptly if you have provided us with accurate and complete contact information. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive notice before your planned visit in all cases. If we can inform you before your visit, you will have the following options: a) accept the modified ticket; b) accept an alternative booking offer that will not cost more than the original amount paid; or c) cancel the booking and receive a full refund, either through a voucher or a refund of the original payment. Please note that these options do not apply if the change is minor. We are not responsible for any expenses, costs, or losses resulting from changes or cancellations.

To access Musea Sculpta’s attractions, visitors must have a valid admission ticket, which is only valid for the date and time reserved in advance for school and group visits. Visitors must keep their admission tickets in good condition and present them to Musea Sculpta staff upon request. Visitors with e-tickets must exchange them at the reception desk for admission tickets to the Musea Sculpta attractions.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by at least one adult (16 years or older). Carers are responsible for the behavior of minors they accompany, both individually and as a group. Musea Sculpta reserves the right to verify the age of any children.

Musea Sculpta is fully accessible to wheelchair users through the designated access route. Our staff is available to assist wheelchair users, although a short wait time may be necessary for operational reasons. For safety and operational reasons, a maximum of two wheelchair users are allowed per time slot. If you require additional accommodations, please call the following number: +32 (0) 50 34 80 36. If you are accompanied by a guide dog for the blind, please report to the reception kiosk before entering Musea Sculpta.

Radios, sound equipment, food and beverages, weapons, and explosives are not allowed in Musea Sculpta. Pets are not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind wearing a dog jacket.

Photography and Filming

While visiting the Musea Sculpta, taking photos or filming inside Musea Sculpta is allowed. However, if you intend to use them for commercial purposes, you must obtain written consent from the Musea Sculpta beforehand. Please note that as a visitor, you may be photographed or filmed, and by entering the museum, you agree that the Musea Sculpta may use such images for advertising purposes unless you expressly request that they not be used.

No Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Musea Sculpta, as well as in the inner courtyard.

Force Majeure

The Musea Sculpta cannot accept any responsibility or provide refunds for any damages or losses incurred as a result of force majeure, which refers to events beyond our control and that we cannot reasonably predict or prevent. Such events include, but are not limited to, war or threat of war, civil unrest or disorder, terrorism or the threat of terrorism, labor strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, extreme weather conditions, fire, storms and flooding, virus outbreaks and pandemics, government-imposed closures, and all other comparable events.

Legal Provisions

Any disputes between the visitors or users of the Musea Sculpta website and/or the museum itself shall be subject to Belgian law, excluding Belgian international private law. The parties involved in the dispute agree to bring the matter before the courts of Ghent, Bruges section.

By agreeing to these terms, visitors to the museum acknowledge that any data stored on the Musea Sculpta’s server may be used as evidence in case of a dispute involving alleged transactions.

During the booking process, visitors have the opportunity to correct any errors before finalizing their orders. Once the order is submitted and confirmed by the Musea Sculpta, it becomes definitive and binding. Failure to pay the invoice by the due date will result in a 1% interest charge on the outstanding amount and a compensation fee of 10%, with a minimum of 125 euros.